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Jean Pierre Petit (France)

Jean-Pierre Petit
Jean-Pierre Petit

Jean-Pierre Petit, Ph.D., France

Former Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research.

Pioneer in the field of magnetohydrodynamics and two-temperatures plasma physics. Theorist and experimenter. More than 100 publications in peer reviewed journals. Astrophysicist and cosmology specialist. Currently scientific leader of the Manaty Research Group whose activity is focused on the development of the Janus model, both as an extension of general relativity and an extension of quantum mechanics to the study of negative energy states.

A popularized presentation of his work can be downloaded in all languages from his website


(“Knowledge without borders”).

Background to UAP research.

During MHD experiments performed in a Faraday channel, finds out the possibility to create shock waves in gases with a Lorenz J x B force field. Immediately makes the link, by inverting this technique, with the possibility of realizing, thanks to MHD, supersonic flights, or hypersonic, without creating shockwaves. Is then interested in UFO sightings. Publishes in 1976 two articles in the French Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences de Paris describing the principle of what he calls “discoidal MHD aerodynes”. Demonstrates experimentally the annihilation of a turbulent wake by the MHD,. Demonstrates by hydraulic analogy experiments the possibility to annihilate a bow wave in front of a model. Works presented in an international symposium of MHD in Moscow in 1983. Directs a phd on the subject of hypersonic flight without shock waves, which is accompanied by publications in peer reviewed journals. Popularized presentation in :


The works related to UAP in the video :

English : https://youtu.be/3MBFE0Z3Q0k

French : https://youtu.be/56fGzcp6bIU

Spanish : https://youtu.be/pbJAz_gCv3I

Italian: https://youtu.be/0hwMzZBq8KQ

Russian: http://www.savoir-sans-frontieres.com/JPP/telechargeables/Russe/ovnietscience/Ovnis%20et%20Science_Russe.mp4

In 1988, realizing the barrier that the world of research erects in front of subjects and through experimental research, obviously related to the UFO subject, reconverted in theoretical works and undertook the construction of a cosmological model, inspired by the ideas of the Russian Andrei Sakharov, which is a “bimetric” extension of general relativity. Numerous publications in peer review journals between 1989 and 2019. All these works, gathered in a Janus Cosmological Model, solve practically all the problems of cosmology, by replacing the dark matter and the dark energy by a content (invisible because emitting photons of negative energy) in antimatter of negative mass, self-attracting and repulsive towards the ordinary matter. From this comes the lacunar structure of the universe, organized around large voids hosting clusters of negative mass (explanation a phenomenon of the Great Repeller, discovered in 2017). This same negative mass, surrounding the galaxies and clusters of galaxies, ensures their confinement. The model also provides an answer on the nature of primordial antimatter: not observed because endowed with a negative mass.

The Einstein universe is often presented as a 4D hypersurface. In the Janus model the 4D hypersurface has “a front” and “a back”. Alonf those tow sides the positive and negative masses follow different geodesic paths. Between two points A and B of the universe we have two different distances, depending on whether this path is covered by an object of positive mass or an object of negative mass. In the second case the length is divided by a hundred and the speed limitation (that of the photons of negative energy) is multiplied by ten. Hence a gain of a factor of a thousand on the duration of interstellar travel. The Janus cosmological model concludes that if a vehicle can reverse its mass it can then operate travel between stars. The conclusion is that the UFO phenomenon can then represent visits from extraterrestrials.

The inversion of the mass explains the instant appearances and disappearances of UFOs. A phenomenon of quantum nature, linked to the conservation of energy during this inversion, makes that the device endowed with a negative mass acquires instantaneously a relativistic speed. Thus the concept of acceleration and inertia loses its meaning. Moved with the help of such a system these machines do not have strictly speaking a propulsion system. This manipulation allows the trajectory with right angle turns, where the speed modulus is kept, by its direction. All of this has been explained in numerous works.


Presentation of the Cosmological Janus model in :

English : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtWqAK4mVX0

French : https://youtu.be/RXKONGBClY0

Spanish : https://youtu.be/-VH9Txof7c4

Russian : http://www.savoir-sans-frontieres.com/JPP/telechargeables/Russe/JANUS%2029%20russe/Janus%2029%20russe.mp4

Arabic : https://youtu.be/klXganSJlj4


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