Eamonn Ansbro

Eamonn Ansbro MSc, MPhil and PhD (abd) in Astronomy
Active member with the following organisations:
– Scientific Coalition for Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (https://www.explorescu.org)
– UFODATA PROJECT (http://www.ufodata.net)
– SETI KINGSLAND (www.setikingsland.org)
– UK SETI Research Network (https://uksetiresearchnetwork.wordpress.com)
– SETI Permanent Committee of International Aeronautical Federation (https://iaaseti.org/en)
– Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (https://ras.ac.uk)
– European Astrobiology Network Association (www.eana-net.eu)
– Director of Operations for Space Exploration Limited (www.spaceexplorationltd.com)

Background to UAP research
I started research into UAP in 1990 in Europe. I carried investigations of 150 cases of related UAP over a period of 10 years. The best cases were published.
Researched old worldwide cases going back to the 1880s. The most reliable multi witnessed cases of about 1300 were used for a theoretical model that eventually showed precise patterns on a global level over 140 years.

The discovery from the modelling demonstrated specific orbital tracks around the Earth that were used by UAP. The intersection of orbital tracks provided the confirmation that events may occur at specific locations at specific times within qualifying limits for the theory to work. The model confirmed the theory that the Earth is shown to have a controlled automatous surveillance in operation by UAP since 1880s.

Computerized timing graphs provided windows of opportunity when events may occur at different locations around the Earth in order to verify the observed manifestation. Permanent Instruments station for UAP studies confirmed some characteristics at specific intersectional orbital tracks. Opportunity of events took place resulting in recordings and group witnesses some recorded live by a TV organizations. The results provided the evidence that the UAP was real and under intelligent control. Scientific presentations to SETI and European Space Agency were carried out with publications of these results.

Because UAP were under intelligent control it led to communications experiments that demonstrated that the UAP was not using the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This confirmation provided the research and development into experimental Quantum Communications system with the first one built in 2016. A demonstration of a rudimentary system was witnessed live at the 2019 UK SETI Research Network meeting in St Andrews University, Scotland.

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