ICER ASSOCIATION was registered at the Porto Commercial Registry Office, Portugal, on the 27th May of 2021, as a non-profit organisation.


I C E R ‘ s   V A L U E S

** Collaboration 

ICER bases its very essence on a collaborative effort by many researchers located in different places on Earth. 

** Open Mindedness 

An open mind attitude plays the most essential role in ICER‘s activities. Thinking out of the box is one of the most valued talents in ICER

** Truth Oriented

ICER strives to research the truth on the Extraterrestrial presence on planet Earth, and rejects any form of thought based on cognitive constraints, i.e. dogmatism. 

** Scientifically Oriented

ICER makes use of the scientific method of investigation as the standard method for its research activities.  
However, ICER remains open to the use of different, non-conventional methods of investigation in case the standard methods of scientific research do not fit the specific typologies of investigation.  

** Cultural respect

The respect for any kind of culture is another pillar for an organization like ICER, that studies and promotes studies on different races of beings. 

** Openness 

ICER is intrinsically an open and outbound activity. Some phase(s) of activity(ies) could be kept restricted for the time needed to be properly completed, however. 

** Not For Profit

The production of profits and the accumulation of economic/financial wealth are not found in the Vision statement of ICER.  
This does not mean that in the course of its activities  profits and/or accumulation of economic/financial wealth could not happen. In such case the profits would be used to improve the organization and in any case not as a purpose in itself. 

** Non Violence

Although ICER activities could make it enter into contact with armed force services in various countries, ICER stands against the use of any kind of force/violence, institutionalized or not.

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