The UFO/UAP Enigma; Searching for Answers where none may exist

By Donald R. Schmitt
ICER North America Continental Director and US Representative

Since the very conception of the “modern age of UFOs” in 1947, a tremendous wealth of photographic and film imagery, special government study reports, eyewitness testimonies, and yes, physical evidence has painstakingly been amassed.

Reviewing human knowledge and CONTACT

By Eamonn Ansbro
ICER National Representative for the Republic of Ireland

One of ICER aims is to present the results to the academic community of the ongoing research on a cartographic approach to the representation of knowledge in its present configurations in its relationship to the Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena or UAP.

When Science, Academia and the UFO/UAP Phenomena finally meet

By Gary Heseltine
ICER Vice President and National Representative for the United Kingdom

It is often said that when Mankind acknowledges that ‘life’ in the Universe has been confirmed and that when an intelligent civilisation reaches out to us, that ‘Contact’ will be the most profound moment in human history. So, almost everyone is in agreement as to the ramifications of actual ‘Contact’ yet have we not had an ongoing engagement with the human race for over 70 years?

Why Science can’t ignore Ufology anymore post the Pentagon admissions in 2017?

By Lachezar Filipov
Space Astrophysicist Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
ICER National Representative for Bulgaria

An opinion by a man who has led the program to train two astronauts and studied the physics of black holes for 45 years. I don’t think the interest in science has increased exclusively since the Pentagon’s admission in 2017 that UFO research had been conducted over the years and millions of dollars had been spent on it. Perhaps the only thing is that many scientists who did not dare to publicly express their views on Aliens and UFOs, after the publication of the indisputable facts, gained the courage to speak on the subject.

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