Tarcali Gabor
Gabor Tarcali born on the 31st August 1965, in Debrecen, Hungary.
He has a PhD in Agricultural Engineer and is currently a full Professor and researcher at the Debrecen University.
UFO-research activity:
He began studying and researching UFO’s in 1990 at the Hungarian UFO Research Network (HUFON).
In 1997 he became the leading member and Director of HUFON.
In 1998 he became Chairman of the Hungarian UFO Research Federation.
He has been a representative, since 1994,  of the Middle European Nation’s to the ICUFON (NEW YORK – USA) – founded by COLMAN S. VonKEVICZKY
And since 1997, he has been a correspondent member of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV)
Gabor has investigated over 50 UFO cases (and related phenomena) in in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland.
Has attended and lectured in several international conferences:
1994 – European UFO Congress – Lyon, France;
1994 – I International UFO Congress – Debrecen, Hungary;
1995 – «DIALOG MIT DEM UNIVERSUM» – International UFO Congress –
Düsseldorf, Germany;
1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 – EAST-European UFO Congress – Kosice, Slovakia;
1996 – II International UFO Congress –
Debrecen, Hungary;
1997 – World UFO Conference –
Brasilia, Brazil;
1997 – Polish International UFO Congress –
Gdansk, Poland;
2005 – World UFO Conference –
Dalian, China;
2006 – X International UFO Forum –
Wroclaw, Poland;
2012 – IV World UFO Forum –
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil;
2013 – XXI World UFO Symposium –
San Marino;
2013 – XV Yearly UFO Congress –
Tarquinia, Italy;
2013 – II International Congress of Ufology„ City of Rome, Italy;
2016 – «Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations and the New Paradigm, Future of Earth’s Civilization.» – Sofia, Bulgaria;
2018 – Five Continents Forum – 
Moscow, Russia;
2019 – VII UFO Truth Magazine International Conference – 
Holmfirth, UK.
Main publications:
UFOMAGAZIN (Slovakia),
UFO (Poland),
UFO (Brasil),
Occasional publications: MAGAZIN 2000 (Germany), UFO-AKTUELL (Sweden),
UFO MAGAZINE (England), FATE (USA), UFO (Italy), IGAPE (Denmark), etc.
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