Sheryl Gottschall

Sheryl Gottschall has been researching the UFO phenomena since 1988.

She was the UFO Research Queensland Chairperson from 1991 to 1996, and from 2002 to the present day.

She has been managing phone contact for UFO reports since 1994.

Sheryl has been the spokesperson for media interviews since 2010.

She’s a Public speaker – schools, community and interest groups, monthly UFO meetings (1991 to present)

She was a facilitator in the Close Encounter Support Group from 1992 to 1998

Conference presenter – National UFO Conference 2001, National UFO Conference 2003, Australian UFO and Metaphysical conference 2003, 50th Anniversary UFO Conference 2006, Paradigm Shift Summit 2015, Edge of Reality Conference 2015, Paracon 2016, Paradigm Shift Summit panellist 2016.

She has been a writer for alternative and UFO publications – Insight, Alien Worlds, Deja Vu, Black Rose, Oddities, UFO Truth, UFO Encounter.

Event organiser – 1996 National UFO Conference; 1997 National UFO Conference; 2001 National UFO conference; 2003 National UFO conference; 2006 50th Anniversary UFO conference.
She was also a radio presenter and co-host – 2018 Spooky Action Radio Show weekly show co-host

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