Welcome to ICER, the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research.

The UFO/UAP phenomenon is worldwide and has been investigated for over 70 years. It may have profound implications for Humanity and Society.

It acts with intelligence and is likely to be extraterrestrial/non-human in origin. So the question is: How do we deal with this phenomenon?

That’s why we created ICER. ICER currently has representatives in 27 countries on five continents.

We are scientists, academics and leading UFO/UAP researchers around the globe. And we think it’s time to start preparing for contact.

That’s why ICER is trying to build the foundations for a new reality. We are accumulating as much information as possible on all things related to the phenomenon.

ICER is creating awareness programs to help people prepare for this new reality. And ICER wants to promote peaceful relations with these intelligences.

This is a journey of discovery for mankind. How do we want to shape our future?

Let’s think about it.



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