Over the weekend of 11 and 12 September 2021, the 30th World Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Phenomena took place in San Marino, jointly organized by the Centro Ufologico Nazionale and ICER.

The special guest, Luis Elizondo, made a presentation on Sunday about the information that has been disseminated and worked on over the last 4 years.

Having been the target of the attention of the various researchers and academics present, Elizondo spent most of his time giving interviews to various media.

A surprise was reserved for him, however, when the Director of the Academy of Sciences of San Marino took the stage to honor Luis Elizondo with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

During the two days of the congress, there were presentations from Roberto Pinotti, President of ICER and Representative from San Marino, Gary Heseltine, Vice-President of ICER and Representative from the UK, Francisco Mourão Corrêa, European Director of ICER and Representative from Portugal, Lachezar Filipov, Representative from Bulgaria, Paolo Guizzardi and Vladimiro Bibolotti, Representative and Deputy from Italy, and Guido Ferrari, Representative from Switzerland.


Some of the participants, namely Luis Elizondo, Francisco Mourão Corrêa, Gary Heseltine and Italian Air Force Colonel Roberto Doz, were interviewed for the recording of an italian documentary.

Still within the work plan, but in a reserved manner, a review of various official ICER documentation was carried out, which was pending.

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