Chris Gaffney

As a teenager in the mid 1970s, Chris joined BUFORA. Shortly afterwards he took on the role as an investigator for BUFORA Ireland (south).

This branch later evolved into the Irish UFO Research Centre.
Growing up near Dublin airport he developed a keen interest in aviation. In 2011 he obtained his Private Pilot’s Licence, and to date he has accumulated  several hundred hours of flying experience.

In 2020 Chris created NHIdisclosure with a view to establishing dialog with governments and institutions in his home country Ireland and the EU, on the developing UAP reality. To date he has had considerable success with these endeavours.
In March 2021 Dr. Eamonn Ansbro aware of Chris’s NHIdisclosue initiative and other work, approached him with a view to becoming his Deputy for ICER Ireland.

In 2022 Chris created “Project Morrigan” proposing to the Irish Oireachtas and EU Parliament for the creation of Academic/Scientific bodies for the study of the modus operandi of UAP, as a possible solution to the Global Climate/Energy Crisis.

On November 17, 2022 the Joint Oireachtac Committee for Public Petitions accepted Morrigan. Project Morrigan is currently being considered by the EU Parliament Petitions Committee.

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