Thiago Ticchetti

Thiago has been a ufologist for almost 30 years, he is the co-editor and columnist for Revista UFO, a columnist for the British magazine UFO Truth, President of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU), National Director of MUFON in Brazil, Field Researcher certified by MUFON and member of the STAR Team of MUFON.
He was vice-president of the ufological research group Entidade Brasileira de Estudos Extraterrestres (EBE-ET), in Brasilia, for almost 10 years.

Author of 14 books: “Quedas de UFOs I”, “Quedas de UFOs II”, “Guia de Tipologia Extraterrestre”, “Guia de Tipologia Extraterrestre – 2nd edition”, “Guia de Tipologia Extraterrestre – 3rd edition”, “Guia de Tipologia de UFOs”, “Arquivos UFO : Casos Ufológicos – Volume I”, “Arquivos UFO : Casos Ufológicos – Vol. II”, “Arquivos UFO : Casos Ufológicos – Vol. III”, “Universo Insólito: Livro de Bordo – Part 1 and 2”, “UFO Contacts in Brazil”, “Contacts OVNIs au Brésil” and “Cartas para Claudeir Covo”.

Author of dozens of texts for Revista UFO and other ufological publications, he has participated in several programs for the History Channel, NetGeo and Discovery; in addition to radio programs, podcasts and interviews.

He interviewed some of the greatest ufologists in the world for Revista UFO and his YouTube channel, such as Nick Redfern, John Alexander, Don Schmitt, David H. Childresss, Don Ledger, Phillip Mantle, David Jacobs, Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman , Nick Pope, Jerome Clark, Jacques Vallée, Paul Stonehill, Steve Basset, Yohanán Díaz, Philip Mantle, among others.

Thiago Luiz holds a degree in Business Administration from the Associação de Ensino Unificado do Distrito Federal – AEUDF, has an Executive MBA from the Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets (IBMEC-DF) and is studying an MBA in International Cooperation and Public Policy.

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