Ananda Sirisena became a ufo investigator after a personal sighting and experience on 8 July 1964.

As an independent investigator he has spoken at many conferences and lectured about the subject throughout the world.

Currently, he is the President of SPSR – The Society for Planetary SETI Research, which studies images of other planets and our moon Luna, for possible evidence of artificial structures.

He has made a detailed study of one British contactee – George King who founded The Aetherius Society.

At the moment he is updating the website for ufo reports in Sri Lanka.

A list of articles on the anomalies on Mars written by Ananda Sirisena:

1990: “Unusual Martian Features” – A presentation at the Unisys European Training Center, Milton Keynes, England

1991: “Did Mars Have A Temple Of The Sun?” – Journal of the Sri Lanka UFO Register, Issue No. 14

1991: “Artifact Beyond Cydonia” – UFO Magazine UK, Volume 10, Number 5. Published by Quest International, UK.

1991: “The Intriguing Faces Of Mars” – Awareness, Issue No. 3. Published by Contact International (UK)

1992: “Intelligent Faces on Mars?”, Image Processing, Volume 4, Issue 3.Published by European Technology Publishing, London.

1992: “The Monuments Of Cydonia” – Address to the 17th Annual General Meeting of the British UFO Research Association.

1996: “Martian Chronicles – The City In Cydonia” – Encounters Magazine. February 1996, UK.

1996: “Cydonia – The City On Mars?” – Amateur Astronomy & Earth Sciences. Booklet published by Quest, August 1996.

1996: “SETI – Stardate Two – The Mars Enigma” Manchester Conference December 1996.

1997: “Countdown To Cydonia” – UFO Magazine UK, July 1997.

1998: “The Case For The Face” – UFO Magazine UK, May 1998.

1998: “No Case For The Face On Mars?” – Presentation at the London UFO Conference, Imperial College, June 1998.

1998: “Life On Mars” – Presentation at the 17th Leeds International UFO Conference, University of Leeds, England. September 1998.

1999: “Life On Mars – The Cydonia Mystery” – Presentation at theLondon UFO Conference, Imperial College, July 1999.

1999: “Life On Mars – The New MGS Photos” – Presentation at the UFO Millenium Roadshow, Fife, Scotland, July 1999.

1999: “The Mound Configuration in Cydonia” – Presentation at the WorldUFO Conference, Acapulco, Mexico. December 1999.

2000: “Mystery Of The D&M On Mars” – UFO Magazine UK, March/April.

2009: “Sacred Geometry on Mars — Did Mars Have A Temple Of The Sun?” Presentation to the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

2011: “Mysterious Mounds on Mars” – Illustrated presentation to the London Forum for Crop Circles & Other Mysteries.

Ananda Sirisena is the author of several books which can be found on Amazon distribution.

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