When ICER launched in May 2021 we said that the world should be preparing for a major acknowledgement that the Earth is being engaged by non-human intelligences. We stated that ICER would be creating ‘Awareness’ courses for all sectors of society.


Therefore, we are pleased to announce the very first ICER Awareness Course which comprises of six one-hour modules over a consecutive two-day period.


The title of the first course is ‘THE EVIDENTIAL HISTORY OF THE UFO/UAP PHENOMENON’.


ICER believes it is important that before delving deeper into the complex world of UFO/UAP issue that a basic evidential history lesson is needed first as a grounding in the subject.


Gary Heseltine, the Vice President of ICER will be the tutor for the two-day course that will commence on Monday 21st February 2022 and Tuesday 22nd February 2022. It will operate between 10h00-13h00 hours respectively on both days (UK time).


This first course will be using the Zoom platform and will be in ENGLISH ONLY. We hope to run a Spanish version in due course.


At the end of the course each participant will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’.



Note: ICER is an International NGO registered in Portugal and is ‘not for profit’.


Here is the link to book your place on the inaugural ICER Awareness course.




The first course will be limited to 50 people so don’t delay if you want to book your place on this historic first ICER Awareness Course.


Gary Heseltine Vice President ICER

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