`Rice University to host international conference on scholarship of the paranormal March 3-6


ICER – In 2021, the U.S. government released a preliminary report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), more commonly known as UFOs, following decades of denial and disinformation regarding the existence and investigation of these unexplained experiences.

This year, Rice University will host a major international conference on the academic study of the UFO phenomena, extrasensory perception and other paranormal phenomena.

“Opening the Archives of the Impossible,” set for March 3-6 on campus and online, will be free and open to the public.

The conference will feature eight plenary addresses by the world’s foremost scholars, researchers and writers on the paranormal.

It is the position of ICER – the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research – that this initiative by Rice University is a significant breakthrough in out-reach programs to engage academic institutions on the UAP issue.

As an example – Harvard University’s Avi Loeb – has brought forward arguments that encourage discourse on the possible nature of an extraterrestrial explanation of the UAP phenomenon.

ICER encourages these academic engagements and will contribute its support for further engagement by accredited universities on the UAP/ET question.

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