Project Titan Update:
Due to a government crisis in May 2023, the San Marino government finds itself unable to implement the United Nations action as envisioned by Project Titan this year.
The San Marino participation in the Project, approved by the small Republic’s Parliament, envisaged that at the 2023 UN General Assembly, the Republic of San Marino submitted the UN a proposal for the creation of a UN Office tasked with the preparation of a periodic World Conference meant to assess and improve the state of the research on the UAP phenomenon (formerly known as UFO).
Prepared by the new UN Office, the Conference would be held under the aegis of the UN by care of the Republic of San Marino in its territory.
While regretting this unforeseen and unfortunate contingency, ICER and CUN, the creators and promoters of the Project Titan initiative, remain committed to assisting the government of San Marino in all aspects related to the implementation of the Project provisions, and are confident that the Project can come to fruition in 2024.  

Roberto Pinotti
President of ICER and CUN

Roberto Pinotti

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