Dated: 10 November 2023

Following the success of the recent 32nd edition of the World Symposium on UFO/UAPs, held in the neutral state of San Marino (November 3-5), ICER stated the need for the United Nations, as a true global organisation, to finally recognise the official hearings that have taken place in the United States, Brazil and Mexico.
With the world facing serious international tensions with the war in Ukraine/Russia and the recent escalation in violence between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East, the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, with 30 national representatives on 5 Continents, and with the very real prospect of UAP Disclosure on the horizon, ICER believes that the world needs to come together as the ‘Human Race’ as we move to a new paradigm of dealing with Non-Human intelligence (NHI).

Roberto Pinotti
President of the International Coalition for Extraterrrestrial Research

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