An alleged UFO crash retrieval during the Mussolini era.

On Monday 15 January, in prime time on MEDIASET’s ItaliaUno, among the themes of the first episode of the new 2024 TV series of FREEDOM hosted by Roberto Giacobbo, as the first who faced this topic since 2000, aerospace journalist and President of Italy’s National UFO Center (and ICER) Roberto Pinotti with Alfredo Lissoni will focus the reports of the “ante litteram” UFOs reported and recovered in Italy in the Thirties, which the Fascist Government, on the indication of Benito Mussolini in collaboration with Italo Balbo and Galeazzo Ciano, studied with a secret technical-scientific team called “Gabinetto RS/ 33” and coordinated by the President of the Royal Academy of Italy and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi with the aim of carrying out reverse engineering research deduced from these “Non-Conventional Vehicles” (VNC) which at the time were mistakenly thought French, English or German secret weapons. The content of Pinotti and Lissoni’s book on the subject, today (25 years later) in its third edition of the Oscar Mondadori Bestsellers series with the title LIGHTS IN THE SKY: VNC, THE UFOS OF FASCISM, had an initial admission by Luis Elizondo (who initiated the “disclosure” in the USA) and therefore a sensational and unexpected confirmation in the recent statements made in Washington DC in front of US politicians under oath and at the request of the United States Congress by David Grusch, highly decorated in Afghanistan as well as a man of US Air Force and Intelligence. The first to deal institutionally with the topic thanks to a UFO that crashed to the ground in Lombardy were therefore the Italians in 1933 and not the Americans in 1947, who, having defeated the Nazis in 1945, would have transported to the USA what in this regard had been recovered in Italy. Ufology was therefore born in Italy and not in the USA. The FREEDOM episode faces all of this.

But now there’s more. Today, after a quarter of a century and the positive forensic analyses on the documents acquired since 1996 which already proved their authenticity in 2000, Pinotti has completed a final report including new, unpublished, independent and historical material transmitted to him by a politician of the First Italian Republic of primary importance: documents on headed paper of various official state bodies, all dated, registered and signed with name, surname and rank by people who actually existed and whose activity was perfectly documentable on a historical level. All these documents expressly mention the activities of the “RS/33 Cabinet”, where they took place between 1939 and 1941 (i.e. within the underground structures of Monte Soratte not far from Rome, home of the “Protected Workshops of the Duce” and later transformed into atomic shelters during the Cold War) and even which field they seemed to be oriented towards. Therefore the issue – superficially considered by skeptics, deniers and the uninformed to be an “urban legend” – now has its entire historical reality definitively recognised.

Soon to be released by Vallecchi in Florence, the contents of Pinotti’s latest book UFO AND ALIENS: THE ANSWERS – in translation also abroad – definitively rewrites the history of the UFO phenomenon as a timeless, persistent and non-human reality. A reality now confirmed, accepted and officially cleared by the Pentagon itself on 25 June 2021. And on a global level necessarily placing the studies of Italian ufology in this regard in the primary position they deserve.


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