Last weekend of 8, 9 and 10 October, the 5th edition of the Ufology World Congress took place in Barcelona, ​​organized by the company We Are Love.

The list of participants was ambitious, given the current moment, with many limitations due to the pandemic.

The organization showed interest in the ICER project from an early stage and promoted this event as ICER’s First World Meeting, whose launch took place on the 25th of May.

On the first day of the congress, at 5:45 pm, a press conference was held to present ICER, with the journalists present posing several questions.

ICER members, from left to right: Gary Heseltine (UK), Robert Fleischer (Germany), Josep Guijarro (Spain), Paolo Guizzardi (Italy), Guido Ferrari (Switzerland), Eamonn Ansbro (Ireland), Lachezar Filipov ( Bulgaria), Erling Strand (Norway), Roberto Pinotti (San Marino), Francisco Mourão Corrêa (Portugal). Rodrigo Fuenzalida (Chile) could not be present at this press conference, as there was a delay in the arrival of the plane that was carrying him.

In addition to the presentations, which took place during the three days in the main room, several of the participants were also invited to give workshops, in smaller rooms, prepared for this purpose.

Although with a higher membership than last year, the number of subscribers was lower than previous editions of the pandemic.

Harvard professor Avi Loeb and scientist Jacques Vallée made their presentations via Zoom, due to travel restrictions to which they were subject.

Presentations by ICER members Josep Guijarro, Paolo Guizzardi, Lachezar Filipov, Gary Heseltine, Roberto Pinotti and Eamonn Ansbro.

Presentations by Robert Fleischer, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Francisco Mourão Corrêa.

2022 promises new participation by ICER.

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