Why Science can’t ignore Ufology anymore post the Pentagon admissions in 2017?

By Lachezar Filipov  (1953-2021)
Space Astrophysicist Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
ICER National Representative for Bulgaria


An opinion by a man who has led the program to train two astronauts and studied the physics of black holes for 45 years. I don’t think the interest in science has increased exclusively since the Pentagon’s admission in 2017 that UFO research had been conducted over the years and millions of dollars had been spent on it. Perhaps the only thing is that many scientists who did not dare to publicly express their views on Aliens and UFOs, after the publication of the indisputable facts, gained the courage to speak on the subject.

In general, the question of persecuting scientists for their views and understandings of orthodox science is a very big topic. It should also be noted that many scientists avoided the topic due to the fact that they did not have a “NORMAL” explanation of the observed phenomena. There are many reasons why science has begun to see truths in Ufology and talk about the existence of ALIENS and contacts with them in the past, and perhaps in the present.

Let’s take a basic look at the facts that catalyzed the change in thinking in most modern scientists. The first and most significant are related to the success of Astrophysics, Planetary Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Cosmology, High Energy Physics, Biology, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and Technology/especially information and optoelectronic technologies. What do I mean? 30-40 years ago, astrophysicists, and those who deal with planets, rarely thought about cold bodies around other stars. As a result of the Doppler effect in the spectra of some stars, the existence of giant planets with masses comparable to the stars of the type of Jupiter, Saturn and nothing more was assumed. With the development of optoelectronics and space astronomy, it became possible in the last 30 years to develop new methods of observation such as the “Passage Effect” and the “Eclipse of the Star”. This made it possible to find exoplanets around many stars. Objects of different sizes were registered. Earth-type planets have also been found in the “life zone”. Stone and gas planets were also discovered. All this suggests that there may be many places in the universe where life can be born.

With the help of spectral and polarization analysis, the presence of gaseous components in their atmospheres similar to the earth’s and water content on their surface was proved.

There was talk of water planets. The day is not far off when the presence of photosynthesis processes can be registered by the above methods. But it all revolves around the AEROBIC FORMS known to us. After the discovery of life forms in extreme conditions on Earth, such as under the ice of the North Pole, in geysers, underwater volcanoes, it became clear that there may be life forms on some satellites in the solar system, such as Europa, Encelatus and Titan., that is, there is a very rich spectrum of ANAEROBIC FORMS of LIFE.

The discovery of water on many celestial bodies, such as the moon or large asteroids, not to mention the stone planets, Mercury, Mars and Pluto, something that was absurd to science years ago, also drastically changed our understanding of possible places for life to arise and exist. In general, as a result of research in the field of Astrobiology, it became clear that the presence of WATER is not a necessary and sufficient condition for the emergence of life. Water is a very good solvent because its molecule splits into two ions – Acid and Alkali.

It turns out that many other liquids also have the same properties. Moreover, they have a boiling and freezing point different from water and at different atmospheric pressures.

All this dramatically expands the possible places for life forms other than terrestrial ones. Yes, we have not yet met other life forms than Earth, but that should not stop us. It also became clear that carbon as a building block could be replaced by silicon. In general, the protein form of life is not mandatory. Ignorance of other variants of the Earth should not be a taboo for science.

Another major problem is how does REASONABLE LIFE arise? We are not very clear about the nature of CONSCIOUSNESS and this is a big problem in the search for a reasonable life. The question of whether there is an Information field that governs the processes in the universe for now remains open. What is the connection of this field with consciousness, to what extent we are in contact with this information environment and how our REALITY is formed are questions directly related to the search and perception of a rational life different from us.

If the human brain works on the basis of “Quantum entanglement”, as suggested in recent research, we are faced with the problem of how will we contact THEM at the QUANTUM- MENTAL LEVEL? Most evidence of contacts with representatives of foreign civilizations testify to such a mental way. The extent to which the Anthropic Principle can be transmitted from universe to universe is also very important, so that the conditions for a universe similar to ours exist elsewhere. Is it not possible for the transfer of ANTHROPOSITY to take place on the basis of the storage of information during the transition from the Universe to the Universe in the MULTIUNIVERSE.

Then the question of the UNIQUENESS of our universe disappears. The problem may be related to the so-called INFORMATION PARADOX if it is assumed that the life of a universe is a transition from a Black Hole – Physical vacuum – Big Bang. We are not clear whether the “OTHER” mind has our logic, whether it is DISCRETE like ours, or whether it is CONTINUOUS. This is of great importance, because the discrepancy in logic would be a huge obstacle in our contacts, which may be the basis of their long silence. We cannot be sure whether THEY are organic or in the form of BIOROBOTS.

This question arose before our civilization after the rapid development of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, when we talk about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. We do not know how far our evolution can go if the future is in our transformation from bio to techno life form. If the EVOLUTION of REASONABLE LIFE FORMS is based on ECOETHICS, it will be related to the increase of VITALITY, i.e., MORE INFORMATION WITH LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION! If this is the law of evolution of the universe, then we must encounter more BIOLOGICAL FORMS, not ROBOTS, because the former produces more information with less energy consumption than the latter. So, we must be ready to meet not only ANTHROPIC TYPE OF REASONABLE LIFE but also those that do not fit into our reality.

Here is the place to say, what are we looking for through the CETI program? The search for signals from other civilizations in the radio range is doomed to failure for many reasons. WHY? Electromagnetic radiation is formed by the accelerated motion of charged particles, that is, passing through the cosmic plasma it will be absorbed and subsequently re-emitted, which leads to loss of information. Large capacities will also be required to transmit a certain message over a long distance. Electromagnetic radiation propagates at the speed of light, and it is large but limited. This puts any such civilization in a space-limited position. What do I mean? Within the life of such a civilization, it will not be able to make reasonable contact. So, at this stage we can only connect with an underdeveloped civilization of our level. Unfortunately, the electromagnetic mode of communication is doomed within the universe, like the sound system on Earth. Also, to emphasize that the problem in communication may be our discrepancy in LOGIC.

This problem arises when we try to compile a message about another civilization. If we take advantage of “Quantum entanglement” we will understand that it is possible to communicate at superlight speeds. That is why we may not have had contact with another advanced civilization until now. We do not yet know what is the field that provides communication at the quantum level. Aren’t these the TORSION FIELDS that orthodox science continues to stubbornly deny? We do not yet know whether they are not the basis of mental contact. If they use something like this for communication, we will be deaf and blind to them for a long time.

Until we master this type of connection, it will be impossible for us to come into contact with highly developed civilizations. From a physics point of view, it is clear that UFO-type flying objects can exist. Until years ago, the possibility of objects using LEVITATION as a movement mechanism was denied. But we ourselves already use acoustic and electromagnetic levitation. The discovery of DARK ENERGY in the universe tells us that there is a force or energy that opposes GRAVITY. This means that it is possible to move objects with ANTIGRAVITATIONAL FORCE, such as Dark Energy.

From the General Theory of Relativity, we know that there can be tunnels in space – time of the type of Wormholes structures. Until recently, such TUNNELS were considered highly unstable and could hardly be used to navigate the universe. But with the development of QUANTUM GRAVITY, it turned out not to be so. As a result of advances in High Energy Physics, we know that there are more than four dimensions (three spatial and temporal) that we are used to. This suggests that objects in our reality may, under certain conditions, emerge from other dimensions, such as the fly (from the three-dimensional world) that lands in front of the ant (from the two-dimensional world). In general, the problem of COSMIC FLIGHTS in the universe by UFOs is extremely important, but unfortunately it goes beyond modern science. The listed are only some of the problems related to ALIENS and UFOs which would explain why scientists are interested in Ufology.

You understand that solving most of the problems posed requires a change in the PARADIGM, and this is not an easy task. Only the dynamics of our lives make us understand that many of the things we know need to be changed. We do not deny the success of science, but we also understand that behind the curtain where THE ALIENS are, there is a world whose description requires new knowledge and approaches. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why most orthodox scholars avoid these topics, even if they pursue them. And perhaps the purpose of these CURSES on the subject of UFOs and ALIENS, have certain GEOPOLITICAL and MERCANTILE goals, humanity does not know about certain BEHIND.

For the history of human civilization, we have changed the paradigm several times, so it is not fatal to do it again. The sooner we acknowledge the fact that aliens exist and that they have interacted and interact with us in one form or another, the more we will easily approach the change of the PARADIGM and our WORLDVIEW. This will happen when we see many things with their help!

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