ICER’s Statement on the National Press Club Conference 2021

Concerning UAP and Nuclear Weaponry


ICER wishes to express support for the recent press conference on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and nuclear weapons organized by Robert Salas, former US Air Force Captain, held on Tuesday October 19 2021 at the National Press Club in Washington DC. USA

The testimony of former US Air Force missile launch Commanders has raised alarming questions internationally concerning indications that technologically advanced non-human intelligences (NHIs) are making their presence known to humanity by tampering with and disabling nuclear weapons in multiple countries with nuclear capabilities (but without permanent impairment or destruction).

ICER believes this disclosure requires the immediate attention of the international community.

ICER, as a leading commentor on a broad range of issues related to UAP, is committed to informing and educating the general public, media and political leaders concerning the unacknowledged geo-political implications of nuclear assets being tampered with by UAP.

ICER recommends:

  1. that these events of missile tampering be elevated to the same level of public discourse as the US Navy’s acknowledgement that UAP are real, have interacted with aircraft, and have been visually encountered by Navy pilots and radar operators.

  2. that every effort be made to release security camera video footage of these events at US nuclear installations. Given the high level of camera surveillance that is known to exist and that existed as far back as 1967, logically we conclude that almost certainly video footage was recorded.
  3. that the current investigation by the Select Senate Committee on Intelligence, and the parallel mandated investigations under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Defence and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) be expanded to include all aspects of the interference with nuclear assets at US nuclear installations, and that this data shall be included in subsequent reports.
  4. that the US Office of the Inspector General over-see these components of the UAP expanded investigation.
  5. the suspension of all non-disclosure agreements now in place for ranking officers, top-side security guards, and any other US Air Force personnel who witnessed the tampering of US Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs ) by UAP.
  6. that the Select Senate Committee on Intelligence establish open public hearings on all aspects of UAP revelations, before and after 2017, including data and reports on UAP tampering with US ICBM missiles. 

ICER concludes that nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear energy are being closely monitored by UAP/non-human intelligences.

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